16th Oct 2022

An ultimate Night Run coming to your city, Let's PARTY ! 

So, get ready for the City's First Ever Night Event, Kolhapur Night Run 2022 - Edition One to make you glow. Run In the Light of Night.

With lots of fun like Zumba warm-up session, a post-run party with DJ Music and loads of exciting neon glow-in-the-dark merchandise & accessories, this fun run is all that you need for a colorful night out.

Now, it’s time to GET SET GLOW ! ! ! !

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Trust us, Kolhapur Night Run 2022 is a really fun event. We aren’t just saying that. It isn’t time chipped so you can run, jog, walk, or dance at your own pace around the course. There’ll be plenty of entertainment on the night to keep the atmosphere pumping.

A buzzy atmosphere, lots of people having fun, and getting dressed up for a great cause.

Entertainment and refreshments will be available on the night, as well as HOT DJs and Clubbercise warm-up activities.



Date: 16th October 2022

Time: 11:00 PM Onwards

Venue: Ruggedian Fitness Multiplex, Kolhapur


Date: 16th October 2022

Time: 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Venue: Ruggedian Fitness Multiplex, Kolhapur


1. Neon Event Jersey
2. Finisher Medal (Strictly for finishers only)
3. Glow Stick x 1
4. Neon Wrist Band x 1
6. Drawstring Bag
7. Race Bib
9. E-cert
10. Light Refreshment

Kolhapur Night Run T Shirt
Kolhapur Night Run Medal
Kolhapur Night Run Bib
Kolhapur Night Run Bottle
Kolhapur Night Run Goodie Bag
Kolhapur Night Run Glowing Sticks Armbands

If you won’t be able to make it for this event, we have got the virtual version for you!
Join the virtual run and receive the Kolhapur Night Run 2022 merchandise after you complete the run !

What is the Neon Run?

The Neon Run is a wild and crazy glowing experience! This event is less about speed and more about enjoying a night of illuminating lights and neon glow body paint/powder under UV black lights with your friends and family.

Our event is all about people of all different speeds, ages, shapes, and sizes toeing the start line. Come as you are! This event will be a 3k, 5k, 10k & 21k that is more about having fun and making memories, and simply blowing your mind!

How does it work?
Do not expect your typical road race. You will be running through glow zones that will consist of neon glowing water/powder, fog, and music to help your experience back to the finish, (the neon festival) something that will change you forever! The Neon Festival is a Massive Neon festival filled with performers, music and black lights. At the NEON festival you will have the chance to Dance, Socialize, take Photos and more importantly have FUN!

What is a neon zone?
A Neon segment of the event is an area where Neon Glow water/powder will be sprayed (it is safe), along with music and lighting! It truly is a “Neon Glow Party.”

The Neon Glow water/powder is a special formula that radiates light and will wash right off. All products are 100% natural and safe. These Zones will blow your mind! There will be Neon Glow Zones along the course. See diagram for a better explanation.

There are no rules! We’re just kidding of course. Take a look below for a few rules we’d appreciate you following:

  • All participants must follow course officials’ instructions
  • This is an All-Ages event!
  • All photos taken by media or Neon Run staff can be used to market or promote other Neon Run events
  • All participants must complete and sign a waiver of liability
  • All participants understand there are no refunds or transfers
  • It is the participant’s duty to inform Neon Run staff if they have been injured or hurt during the race
    Have fun!

Spectators and Guest
No Spectators/Guest allowed at the Venue.

What do I get when I register?
A Neon T-Shirt
A Neon Run race bib
Neon Run Glow Powder
Neon Run glow accessories
A Neon experience of a lifetime with family and friends!

Neon Run Safety
Participants assume all risks & medical expenses if needed during or after the race. All participants will brief themselves as to where the medical tent is located when they arrive for the race. Just go ahead and be safe people!

Can I run with my kids?

Yes, but please be prepared for one Neon Glowing Family! 

What if I want to register using a code after online registration closes?

If you didn’t register online, you may register in person the day of the event.

Is there an age limit?

No! There is not an age limit, kids of all ages are allowed. You can even run with a stroller! Again, if you purchased a regular priced ticket.

Where do I go for Packet Pick-Up?

Packet Pick Up details will be located on the website you are registering for! Please note that you must pick up packet before the day of the race.

First Aid

A contracted First Aid and Emergency Service will be provided for the event. Mobile teams move throughout the course to assist you promptly.


There will be toilets located at the Start/Finish Line for participants. There will be NO toilets along the course!

Do “Neon Glow Zones” affect vision, taste, or breathing?

OK, so this is probably the most common question! The Neon glowing solution that we have created will not affect vision, taste, or breathing if you follow guidelines of how The Neon Run works. So that means NO squirting/throwing into eyes under high pressure, ingesting large amounts, or doing anything other than getting it on the exterior of your body!

How does the neon affect the interior of my car?

It may affect the interior of your car. Most people bring some towels for the insides of tier cars, just in case.

Black lights?

Yes, there will be use of black lights and LED lights! These lights are strategically designed to enhance your Neon experience! They will not cause a sun burn, but please do not stand in front of it for hours on end!

Can I still run with a group if we are not the same sex and age?

Yes. You may run with as large of group as you like as long as everyone runs together in the same wave.

How do I volunteer?

We are always looking for people to be part of the Neon Run crew for every event. Please go to the volunteer link on our home page and submit the questionnaire. If you have additional questions please email us at or call us on +91 9096620371


Volunteer T-Shirt
Food and refreshments 
Certificate of Appreciation

Can I register as a team?

It’s not that complicated. You do not register as a team online but you can run as a team or group. Then when you take photos at the MASSIVE NEON GLOW EXPERIENCE you can take team/group photos. There is no “relay” component and team members can finish together as a unit or separately.

Will the NEON GLOW powder/water ruin clothes or running shoes?

It is a water-based solution that will wash out of clothes. We do not recommend wearing clothing that you wish to not be tampered with. Like with any clothing that gets paint, color, or dirt on it, you should wash ASAP to lessen the effects.

What is included in THE NEON RUN Entry Fee?

1. Neon T-Shirt
2. Finisher Medal (Strictly for finishers only)
3. Glow Stick
4. Drawstring Bag
5. LED Armband
6. Race Bib
7. E-Certificate
8. Light Refreshment

Will there be beer?

Since this a family atmosphere beer is a conflict at certain venues. Food and hydration fluids will always be available. There is NO Beer at the Venue!

Can I Transfer My Registration?

You can transfer your registration to another individual.

Are there refunds?

We are sorry, but there are absolutely no refunds. You can transfer your registration to someone else but it does need to be 10 days prior to the event! Please send us an email with “Transfer registration to another Runner” in the subject box. Please verify all registration information in email and input all new runner information by email.

Kolhapur Night Run